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Online Platform for Athlete Recognition & Fund Generation

Technology: Bootstrap, jQuery, Laravel, MySQL

Industry: Social Networking

GiveBacker thrives to help athletes around the world by providing them a platform that not only helps them gain visibility, but also gather funds that they can use for themselves or their sport.

Limitless upvoting platform for Steem Blockchain

Technology: Python, NodeJS, Angular JS, MySQL

Industry: Blockchain

Steem Forever has been built with a single thought in mind- keep earning forever from the post, without any limitations. Steem Forever is a simple web-based service which provides users with a simple and easy to use interface to create a perma-link to a steemit post and vote on it forever.

Bot for Steem Blockchain Platform

Technology: Python, NodeJS, Angular JS, MySQL

Industry: Social Networking

SoftProdigy successfully rides the Blockchain bandwagon by setting up nodes in the Steem Blockchain and building a Bot on top of it for offering additional rewards to the Steem community.

Social Networking Platform for Community Contributors

Technology: Native Android, Native iOS, CakePHP & MySQL

Industry: Social Networking

A Social Networking application developed to highlight the efforts of Makers in Detroit City and help them gain recognition and show their work.

On-Demand Hyper-Local Delivery Platform

Technology: Native Android, Native iOS, CakePHP & MySQL

Industry: Lifestyle

SoftProdigy developed an on-demand hyper-local delivery platform that offers a convenient delivery solution to request pick & drops as well as ability to place bulk order requests for daily utilities and groceries.

Mobile Banking Platform Targeted to Young Customers

Technology: IBM Worklight

Industry: Banking

This project involved hardcore brainstorming. Nevertheless, we strived towards developing Youth Bank app to help more than 1 billion youngsters seek technically accurate goal/account/beneficiary and biller management services under clear and desired level of parental supervision. Impeccable application of HTML 5, JAVA, IBM Worklight and many other technologies ensure perfect social media integration/validation/revenue growth and much more.

An iOS App for a Famous French Real Estate Search Engine

Technology: Objective-C

Industry: Real Estate

Latest technologies such as iPhone SDK 3.2, SQLLITE, Xcode and Mac OS X 10.5 are the core of this popular French real estate search engine’s app. The implementation of best development practices by our have made this app people’s first choice for searching property, its history and relevant details.

Effective Marketing Strategy for a US Based Law Firm

Technology: SEO and Google AdWords

Industry: Legal

Focus on creating a highly relevant keyword listing and separate ad copies depicting debt limit groups helped us create a fully optimized website for business promotion. All in all, it was a perfect business promotion campaign for a leading Californian law firm having expertise in handling the debt of minimum $10,000 and judgments of minimum $25,000.

Freight Forwarding Solution for Non-US Residents

Technology: Business Analysis and Consulting

Industry: Logistics

SWOT technique was prioritized for accurate market research and benchmarking. Stringent brainstorming practices were implemented for prototyping and also for exceeding complex and realistic expectations. This technically accurate approach helped in strategic improvement for mitigating risk through 360 ° SYSTEM KNOWLEDGE for justified investments and documentation.

Calculation Solutions for Legal Records

Technology: ASP .Net, Telerik Controls

Industry: Legal

Perfect management of Legal entity records can easily be a cumbersome task. is an based web application supporting multiple users and providing amazing Telerick controls and customizations and reporting features. It makes calculations, data reporting and manipulation a cakewalk for obtaining accurate and informative listings.

An Automated SEO Tool with Scraping and Crawling Capabilities

Technology: Microsoft .Net

Industry: Productivity

If you are looking forward to having a powerful standalone software for automating multiple processes like Web 2.0 posting and linking, Bookmarking, RSS feed submission, Meta indexing etc? SE Droid is the best answer particularly designed for both beginners and advanced internet marketers and SEO practitioners.

Secure Contacts and Content Sharing Mobile App

Technology: Java

Industry: Productivity

It is a powerful application for android and iOS platforms. It is a faster, reliable and secure patented technique to support multiple platforms, transmission technologies, location and time for sharing selected contact details instantly. It is great platform for revenue generation with shared personal details such as e-mail ID, phone number, name and address etc.

Online E-commerce Store and Mobile App for Audio Equipment

Technology: Objective-C, Java, Magento, MySQL

Industry: E-commerce

SoftProdigy designed and developed an online solution for a leading audio equipment vendor in the US by integrating the system with an already running E-commerce Store. It helps users claim points, invite friends, chat live and chose draw prizes for easy digital branding and marketing of your business all over the world.

Online Loan Processing Services for UK

Technology: Objective-C, Java, PHP, MS SQL

Industry: Finance

An online loan processing and lending portal and app which helps in giving away hassle free and quick loans to its customers. Using APIs and ZIP code, it verifies all of the personal details submitted by the user and enhance account security according the FCA guidelines with better record management system.

Restaurant Listing and Ordering Solution

Technology: Swift, PHP, MySQL

Industry: Hospitality

An intuitive and perfectly applicative solution compatible with both Android and iOS platforms for in-app food-ordering. Its Location based search and review and rating mechanism improves the experience and engagement of your customers with your restaurant. It significantly improves your brand’s digital presence with effective cost reduction solutions for lead generation opportunities.

Customized Keyboard Solution in PhoneGap

Technology: PhoneGap, Code Igniter, MySQL

Industry: Productivity

A customized keyboard which aims to provide statistical and chronological analysis of every activity with a user friendly interface. Additionally, it is a perfect aid for adequate parenting and lead generation. Employers can utilize it as a perfect medium for monitoring activities of their employees.

Online Collaboration Portal for Travelers and Guides

Technology: CakePHP, MySQL

Industry: Tours and Travels

A leading job portal for travelers travelling to the South East Asian region to find guides as per their schedule and financial comfort and their piece of mind. Technically advanced interface offers improved visibility and increased jobs and revenue generation opportunities for every travel guide around the globe.

E-commerce Store for a Leading Dance Classes Group

Technology: Magento, MySQL

Industry: E-commerce

JFK is a leading dance classes group in the entire United States. Addition of innovative technical advancements exceed everyone’s expectations and demands. Development of solid Social networking, dance management, e-commerce, SEO, ASO tools and e-commerce modules add to your client base and business.

Multi-player Mobile Learning Application

Technology: Objective-C, PHP, MySQL

Industry: Education

iBoffin is a technically impeccable platform for education enthusiasts. Easy access to all kinds of educational aspects straight on mobile for improved education experience for everyone is the ultimate objective of this interesting iOS application. It perfectly complements an online learning and testing system.

Reporting Solution for Customer Experience Optimization

Technology: Microsoft .Net, MS SQL Server

Industry: Retail

Data Warehouse Reporting Tool is a technical powerful advancement for representing performance data in the form of charts and tables. This data analysis advancement improves customer experience with easy to customize data analysis with custom graphical data representation, data drill down and reporting for accurate Client Managed Reports, fast ROI.

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