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  • Improve Your Web Designs with These 8 Simple Tips

    24 February, 2015


    If you think design is simply throwing some good pictures and content together and making it look good, think again! The manner in which your website is laid out, the colors that you use, the font and the images, the way your content is placed can ma...

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  • Google Now Just Updated its Android App for the Better

    5 February, 2015

    Google Now Update

    In a big announcement made by the company this Friday, Google Now shared that it is going to update its app soon with a backing to support 40 third-party apps.Launched back in 2012, Google Now renders personalized search results, by using 'cards'...

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  • YouTube Does Away with Flash Embeds, Flash API

    1 February, 2015


    Making an advanced move to improve its video streaming experience, Google just announced that it will now adopt the HTML5 player to facilitate YouTube embeds, moving to iframes. And this is not all, the company is also deprecating the Flash <objec...

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