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    • Microsoft Soon to Junk Internet Explorer Browser

      7 January, 2015

      Microsoft to Kill Internet Explorer Browser

      Now this is something that should have happened long back; it’s still a big, welcome news though. Microsoft is finally junking its Internet Explorer browser and paving way for a fresh one. The technology giant is set to introduce a new browser with...

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    • WordPress Terminates the Need for Manual Updates

      6 January, 2015


      A WordPress flaw was one that resulted in hacking of the ISC and a lot has followed since; however, the CMS has decided to bring an end to the chaos. It now brings to the table an automatic way to secure WordPress sites in order to eliminate the risk...

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    • SoftProdigy is Now Magento Certified Solution Specialist

      6 January, 2015


      SoftProdigy has been working in the domain of e-commerce and has been extending expert Magento development services to the online retail community for quite a long time. With time, it has continued to make a mark for itself in the industry and has gr...

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