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  • Google Testing Mobile App Ads in the Google Play Store

    2 March, 2015


    Google has launched a pilot program to allow mobile app developers to advertise their apps on their own in the Google Play store. At the onset, the ads will be made available to advertisers who are running search ads on already. These will...

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  • Google Introduces Call-Only Campaigns for AdWords

    28 February, 2015


    With a more useful and revenue generating advantage for businesses who try to reach customers online, Google has come forth launching a new call-only campaign for AdWords. The move will allow businesses to target customers by sharing the business des...

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  • LinkedIn Expands Marketing Solutions Portfolio

    27 February, 2015


    Going by the current trends, social media advertising platforms seem to be expanding their reach to customers not only through their actual social networks but more happily on third-party websites. Furthering that trend, LinkedIn has opened up its ne...

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  • Improve Your Web Designs with These 8 Simple Tips

    24 February, 2015


    If you think design is simply throwing some good pictures and content together and making it look good, think again! The manner in which your website is laid out, the colors that you use, the font and the images, the way your content is placed can ma...

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