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  • Linkedln’s Lookup App Help Connect with Your Coworkers

    31 August, 2015


    LinkedIn, the business-oriented social network site launched an app for free to help you connect with your coworkers. The app was the creation of Ankit Gupta who claims it to be inspired by the research held through their company which found out 38% ...

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  • He Who Never Made a Mistake Never Made a Discovery

    29 August, 2015

    Every mistake help you grow

    How often have you made a mistake while performing a task you mastered? When did you fall during walking down the lane? Did you recently stab the fork in your face while eating? Gradually, over the years we have mastered these skills and hardly make ...

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  • Instagram Allows Landscape, Portrait Photos and Videos

    28 August, 2015


    It feels annoying when white spaces show up in Instagram pictures. This is due to other applications used in order to fit in Instagram’s squaring cropping. Instagram has now allowed iOS and Android users to square photos. To post their landscape or...

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  • Migration from MVC to Angular

    24 August, 2015


    Migration from JSP i.e. server-side template engine to client side requires a paradigm switch towards client-server architecture. AngularJS becomes a by default application that runs on its own on the web browser and communicates with the related bac...

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  • Regulating the Sell-Buy Process

    23 August, 2015


    Have you ever realized who is responsible for the sales process? It is the customer. But there are six steps that help in emerging the sales and salesperson get a powerful foothold in today’s world and create a long-term relationship. If you feel y...

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