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What Makes Magento E-commerce Development Worth Every Penny for Small and Medium Businesses

Why Choose Magento E-commerce Development?
E-commerce stores are emerging as the preferred medium of shopping for people from every demographic and age group. Across the world, people are shifting buying habits and the online shopping fever ha...
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Incorporating Kotlin in Your Large App – How to Go About It

Moving the existing large app to Kotlin language
Moving an existing large app to a new language can seem like a daunting task. The recipe for success in such a case is to start slow, move in chunks, and test frequently to align your team for success...
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10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for a Successful Mobile App Development

Practical tips for a successful mobile app development from entrepreneurs
Tech-based start-ups are constantly cropping up every day and mobile app development companies are creating various new apps that are helping us all keep in touch with the dynamically changing world, ...
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SoftProdigy Awarded by Clutch as India’s Best Chatbot Developer

Clutch Recognizes SoftProdigy Among India's Top Chatbot Developers
Powered by artificial intelligence, chatbots have grown popular over the years due to their convenience and effectiveness. The software application can automate conversations and interact with actual ...
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Getting Started with WordPress Development – Tips for Newbies

Important tips for developers who are starting out with WordPress development.
Setting up your own WordPress blog is one of the most essential skills that you need to learn as a business owner. WordPress development services are preferred because of the flexibility and community...
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Why Millions of Developers Still Trust JavaScript for Web Application Development

Reasons that make JavaScript the most popular programming language by far
Released 20 years ago, JavaScript is still the most relevant and widely used programming language. In fact, statistics claim that around 94 per cent of the websites worldwide are created using JavaScr...
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Building Quick Low-Cost Apps – How Express.JS Makes it Possible

Creating quick low cost apps with the help of Express.JS
Over the last few years, JavaScript has transformed into a highly developed programming language. Many developers are getting interested in using JavaScript, and it’s becoming the most popular langu...
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Angular Vs. Angular JS – What Should You Prefer for Your Project Development

Choosing the right framework between Angular and Angular JS
The rise of modern browsers and network technologies has resulted in massive digital disruption.Companies today are creating applications for the ‘mobile-first’ world across all platforms. In orde...
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Future of React Native – What 2021 Holds for the Platform

React Native framework- popularity in 2021
React Native is a cross-platform mobile app development framework that allows developers to create truly native apps, while not compromising on users’ experience at all. Built on JavaScript, it has ...
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Comparing Popular Payment Gateways – Learn Which One Fits Your Business Best

Right e-commerce payment solutions for business
E-commerce is growing rapidly, with worldwide sales online anticipated to touch $5 trillion in 2021. The future of e-commerce seems to be even brighter and the continued growth can be attributed ...
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