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    <Halloween Celebration is not dead in 2020 – Spooky Apps Take Over the Town

    Author: Surbhi Handa

    Surbhi Handa works at Softprodigy as Project Lead and has over 10 years of experience in technologies like Swift, Objective C, Cocoa Framework and Sql. She manages the technical scope of the project before, during, and after delivery. She analyzes, plans and develops requirements and standards in reference to the scheduled projects. As part of her work, Surbhi provides estimates by coordinating assignment requirements with her team. She is passionate about her work and shares strong bond with her teammates. In her leisure time, she listens to music and loves to cook!

    Halloween Celebration is not dead in 2020 – Spooky Apps Take Over the Town

    If there’s one holiday that is all about pure fun, it’s Halloween. The spooky season is upon us already and kids are feeling the excitement they always do around this time of the year. But there...
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    The New Update Making React Native the Framework of Choice in 2020

    React Native: The New Update and How it is Changing the Game
    Introduced by Jordan Walke on Facebook in 2015, React Native has reinvented the way mobile applications are developed for various platforms. React Native framework was created for simple app developme...
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    An Insight into the Past, Present, and Future of Mobile App Development

    The past, present, and future of mobile app development
    It was just a few years ago when mobile apps came into existence. And if you take a pause and look at the present scenario, you will realize that the mobile app development industry has become an imme...
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    Native App Development Vs Hybrid App Development For Your Business

    Native Vs Hybrid: Which is the best app for your business
    Mobile applications are becoming big business and are being viewed as one of the most dynamic business tools. They have become the new standard for building up a connection with customers. Analysts es...
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    New-Age App Development: Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Amplify Libraries

    Are AWS and Amplify libraries the fastest way to create apps
    As technology is advancing every day, the developers have several mobile and web app development platforms as well as frameworks. All these technical innovations help these professionals to build secu...
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    iOS App Development Trends You Must Take Note of in 2020

    Hottest iOS App Development trends to look for in 2020
    We are already in the second decade of the third millennium, and iOS still ranks as the second most popular operating system throughout the world. Much like other industries where new trends are poppi...
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    Tech Update: 5G to Impact the World of Mobile App Development

    remote mobile app developer
    Technology is constantly evolving and changing for the betterment of our lives.  A few years ago, having a technology that transmits millions of data from one device to another across the globe a...
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    Are Chatbots The Future Of Online Marketing?

    With all things available at just a few clicks on the smartphones, customers have become more demanding in terms of not only how they choose a product but also the ways they want to communicate with b...
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    Mobile App Development during the Pandemic: 3 Brilliant Ideas for an App

    Mobile App Development during the Pandemic
    The worldwide outbreak of the Corona Virus has completely shattered our lives. The countries around the globe are taking necessary measures and imposing restrictions to fight against this deadly virus...
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