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    <Six Reasons Why Ruby on Rails is The Best Web Development Technology Even in 2020

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    Six Reasons Why Ruby on Rails is The Best Web Development Technology Even in 2020

    Ruby on Rails is Still the Framework of Choice in 2020
    25 years since Ruby was first launched and 15 years since the Rails framework was added, it still remains as one of the best web development choices by developers all across the world. Well-known for ...
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    Express.JS Features that Make it the Best Choice for Web Application Development

    Express.JS is a free, fast, and lightweight open-source framework that is majorly used for web application development. It is a minimalist and extensible web framework built for the Node.js ecosystem....
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    WordPress Development Trends That Businesses Should Watch Out For

    Ever since its inception, WordPress has been playing a significant role in helping businesses and bloggers put their best foot forward online by providing an array of fascinating features and function...
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    Important Considerations Companies Make Before Hiring React JS Developers

    Regardless of what is said about not judging a book by its cover, the first impression of any business depends on how its front-end appears. A lot can be said about a business from one glance at its f...
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    Get Your Magento E-commerce Store Ready for a Sale Surge in 2020

    E-commerce and Magento: A Winning Combination
    It has been rightly observed that the unprecedented e-commerce growth we’ve seen since March 2020 would’ve taken years to achieve if COVID-19, the global pandemic forcing people around the world t...
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    Website Scraping: 5 Best Tools to Watch Out for In 2020

    Insight into the most useful tools for web and data scraping
    Undoubtedly, technology has made our lives better with the ability to perform everyday tasks more conveniently than ever. When it comes to businesses, the technical advancements have changed the way t...
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    Payment Gateway in E-Commerce: Everything You Want To Know Is Here

    Everything You Want To Know About Payment Gateway
    With the advancement of technologies, online payments have become an integral part of our daily lives where we have access to multitudes of options like debit or credit cards, UPI, Net banking, wallet...
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    Quick Brick: A Toolset to boost the features of Zapp platform

    - An overview of Quick Brick, a new app development framework
    Each day, technology brings new changes and updates to make our lives better and more convenient. In this post, we will look at the role of Quick Brick in simplifying the OTT video app development. Ov...
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    Bad Bots: What are the business verticals most targeted by them?

    The four most targeted verticals by bad bots
    Today’s cybercriminals are smarter than ever. They make use of cutting-edge tools and the latest technologies to breach in the private data of the business. However, when it comes to the data sought...
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    Learn How AI Chatbots are Replacing Call Centers during the Pandemic

    Al chatbots are the new customer care service providers
    The COVID-19 outbreak has hit the world’s economy harder than ever and most of the businesses are left paralyzed and inoperable. As a result, people from various industries are losing jobs at a high...
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