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Author: Preetika Thakur

Preetika has over 7 years of IT experience & has been a part of SoftProdigy since 2015. With her marketing skillset, she ensures that her solutions make life easier for her clients and boost their sales. She is passionate about developing brand strategies that inspire and transform brands. She works in varied digital marketing fields including organic boost, brand enhancement, email marketing, link building, and social media boosting. Additionally, she has experience in content strategy, marketing communications, vendor relations, strategic planning, execution and promotions. Apart from digital marketing, she shares interest in music & travelling.

Google AdWords: 5 Mistakes that can break the Bank for You

Insight into costly Google AdWords mistakes.
“Mistakes help you learn and grow,” we are all familiar with this phrase. However, it is only true to limited scenarios. Mistakes are acceptable to a certain extent but not at the cost of losing m...
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How to Choose the Best Ad Platform? Bing Ads vs. Google Ads

Choosing the right ad platform between Bing and Google
If Google Ads are the king of Pay-Per-Click, Bing Ads are not less. After all, they have support from Microsoft, a tech giant. The total spent on Bing Ads (also known as Microsoft Ads) was $7.8 billio...
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Facebook Ad Design: Pro Tips to Increase Your Conversion Rate

How to design a successful Facebook Ad for better conversions?
Facebook Ad designs can make or break your business reputation.   Post text, headline, and description are indeed vital to making Facebook ad stands out among the crowd. But design also plays an ...
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Communicating with Marketers: Tips and Tricks for Programmers

Ensuring effective communication between marketers and programmers.
If you are starting a digital business, you need a website and a mobile app to make your online presence. For this, you must hire the best programmers. However, your responsibilities are not over with...
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Discussed: How to Ensure Customer Retention With Loyalty Content?

Using loyalty content to ensure customer retention.
But are you able to retain existing ones? If not, all your efforts will become futile. In the long run, your company may cease to perform. Please remember, you cannot reach the target revenue without ...
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Creating a Successful ASO Strategy: 5 Components You Must Consider

Discover the components for a winning ASO strategy
If you want your online business to outshine the competitors, just having a robust, feature-rich mobile app is not enough. Of course, it is a sigh of relief that you have successfully launched your ap...
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Facebook to Change Its Name to Meta: Everything You Need to Know

Insight into Facebook’s latest exercise to rebrand as Meta.
The news is everywhere! If you have checked your news or social media feed, you must aleady know what the matter is.  Yes, we are talking about the latest branding exercise by the social media gi...
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App Store Optimization vs. Search Engine Optimization: Are they Related?

App Store Optimization vs. Search Engine Optimization: Are they Related?
The terms App Store Optimization (ASO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are self-explanatory. The former is for apps, and the latter one is for the web. While they deal with different segments of ...
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AdRoll Ads vs Google Ads: Understand the Differences and Similarities

AdRoll Ads vs Google Ads
If you need the best way to run your ad campaign, you must consider Google Ad and AdRoll Ad. To explore the most suitable option for your business, here is a must-read article. ...
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