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Author: Anirudh Sharma

Anirudh Mohan Sharma has been working at SoftProdigy since 2016. He is a Senior Software Engineer and has over 5 years of technical experience in the niche. He possesses a strong understanding of technologies like Java, Kotlin, React-Native, and Android. He is passionate about his work and loves to learn about new technologies. Apart from technical stuff, he likes watching Basketball and playing online multiplayer games.

Mobile App Development: The Emerging Trends to Keep Track Of

Mobile App Development Trends To Follow Next
The last decade has seen an explosion in terms of mobile apps being developed and used. With increasing adoption of mobile phones and personal devices, more and more people are using apps for their ev...
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Reasons Why You Should Trust Hybrid Mobile App Development

Reasons to choose Hybrid Mobile App Development
The number of mobile phone users has been increasing consistently over the years! Digital businesses are no longer asking themselves the question whether they should invest in hybrid mobile app develo...
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Things to Take Care of When Hiring a Hybrid App Development Company

Things to Take Care of When Hiring a Hybrid App Development Company
We’ve all heard of plenty of cases where a large chunk of money was handed over to a hybrid mobile app development company for cross-platform mobile app development, only to result in unusable codes...
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Python Library for App Development: Everything you Need to Know about Kivy Framework

Insights on Kivy, an open-source Python framework
In the past, developing mobile applications for iOS and Android wasn’t a strong suit of Python. But with new technological innovations, things are changing. Although Python was the most popular prog...
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IoT-based Mobile Apps: Boost Your User Experience with the Right Technology

How IoT-based mobile apps enhance the user experience
Over the past few years, the Internet of Things is growing significantly and slowly crawling into our smartphones through mobile apps and connected devices. According to the market analysis, the globa...
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How Mobile Apps Help the Healthcare Industry Reach Patients Successfully

Mobile apps: Making healthcare accessible amid Corona Virus pandemic
Since the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak, human beings have locked themselves inside their homes to limit their chances of getting exposed to the virus. As a result, various industries are turning to ...
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iOS 14 Update: iPhone and iPad to Support Xcode

Apple’s Xcode is expected to come on the iPhone and iPad very soon
Since the day of its launch, Apple has been constantly hitting big in the technological world with its high-end devices and unique features. Apart from this, Apple has never disappointed its consumers...
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The Best Conversational AI Platforms That Will Make Things Better in 2020

Top conversational Al platforms that will dominate 2020
The world is changing and so do the way humans buy and get access to information about any products and services. Today, apart from convenient purchases, consumers are also looking for conversation at...
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Cross-Platform App Development: How React Native is faster than Flutter?

React Native VS Flutterfor cross-platform app development
Those days are long in the past when mobile app developers used to create apps separately for iOS and Android. Today, with a new wave of technological innovation, there is a major shift seen in choosi...
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Reasons Why PhoneGap is the Best UI Framework Out There

PhoneGap - Android app development
PhoneGap, initially named Adobe PhoneGap & Apache Cordova was introduced by Nitobi in 2008. It was one of the major evolutions in the app development industry. Today, PhoneGap is the most preferre...
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