<iOS 14 Update: iPhone and iPad to Support Xcode

    Author: Anirudh Sharma

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    iOS 14 Update: iPhone and iPad to Support Xcode

    Apple’s Xcode is expected to come on the iPhone and iPad very soon
    Since the day of its launch, Apple has been constantly hitting big in the technological world with its high-end devices and unique features. Apart from this, Apple has never disappointed its consumers...
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    The Best Conversational AI Platforms That Will Make Things Better in 2020

    Top conversational Al platforms that will dominate 2020
    The world is changing and so do the way humans buy and get access to information about any products and services. Today, apart from convenient purchases, consumers are also looking for conversation at...
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    Cross-Platform App Development: How React Native is faster than Flutter?

    React Native VS Flutterfor cross-platform app development
    Those days are long in the past when mobile app developers used to create apps separately for iOS and Android. Today, with a new wave of technological innovation, there is a major shift seen in choosi...
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    Reasons Why PhoneGap is the Best UI Framework Out There

    PhoneGap - Android app development
    PhoneGap, initially named Adobe PhoneGap & Apache Cordova was introduced by Nitobi in 2008. It was one of the major evolutions in the app development industry. Today, PhoneGap is the most preferre...
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    Build SMS-based Bot Using Laravel: Track COVID-19 Data without the Internet

    twilio developer
    World Health Organization (W.H.O.) recently declared the worldwide spread of Novel Coronavirus – a pandemic. While you stay at your home during these lockdowns, the information concerning the vi...
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    What to Expect From a Well-Reputed Mobile App Development Company

    mobile app development company
    Developing a mobile application is no child’s play and not every mobile app development company is capable enough of developing an app that you desire. You cannot expect every company to deliver the...
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    Top 7 Android Mobile App Development Tools For 2020

    Android app development services
    The world of Android mobile app development has never seen stagnation since the time it came into existence and it will never experience the same until the digitalization holds its grip on the world. ...
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    How Can A Mobile App Help Your Business To Survive Coronavirus Pandemic

    Mobile App Help Your Business To Survive Coronavirus Pandemic
    Hey! How are you all? We hope you all are staying within the boundary of your house to stay safe from the recent COVID-19 outbreak! The world is suffering and struggling to bounce back to normal life....
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    Flutter: Build High-Quality Native Apps That Feel Natural on Different Platforms

    In today’s world, modern users genuinely prefer mobile apps that are highly responsive, fast-performing and appealing to them. They are least interested in mobile apps that are slow and non-engaging...
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