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Author: Anirudh Sharma

Anirudh Mohan Sharma has been working at SoftProdigy since 2016. He is a Senior Software Engineer and has over 5 years of technical experience in the niche. He possesses a strong understanding of technologies like Java, Kotlin, React-Native, and Android. He is passionate about his work and loves to learn about new technologies. Apart from technical stuff, he likes watching Basketball and playing online multiplayer games.

React Native to Develop Trending Games: What You Should Know?

Using React Native to create modern-day games
Digital games have become a go-to entertainment source for people, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. We all have been there when stepping outside was strictly prohibited. So, most of us started...
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Flutter 2.2: How is it better than the Previous Version?

What to look for in Flutter 2.2?
Since Google launched the latest version of Flutter, everyone is talking about it. The purpose of releasing Flutter 2.2 was to focus on optimization and performance improvements. In addition, the reas...
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Comparing React Native to Its Closest Competitors

How React Native Compared with Other Technologies
Almost one-third of the mobile app developers in 2020 used cross-platform technology as per a survey conducted recently. The most commonly used cross-platform frameworks used by software developers in...
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Introduction to Enterprise Application Development with Xamarin

Enterprise application development with Xamarin
Enterprise Applications (commonly abbreviated as EA) are software solution that provide business logic and tools which can be used to imitate an entire business process for an organization. They not j...
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Exclusive Kotlin Features that Make it an Advanced Programming Language

What makes Kotlin an advanced programming language?
The growth and acceptance rate of Kotlin among developers has reached a new dimension. A number of them are learning and switching over to the language and the number accounts for almost half of Andro...
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Factors to be Considered When Choosing the Best Technology for Your Mobile App Development

Factors to be considered when building a mobile app
Mobile applications are changing industries and businesses. As soon as a business owner considers investing in a mobile app, he is faced with a barrage of tech terminology that he needs to wade his wa...
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React Native – How Does the Framework Fare Against Other Popular Frameworks

React Native: Comparison with other popular frameworks
The digital age today warrants quick information access and great user experience from all mediums through which any business operates and communicates with its audience. With the customer getting spo...
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