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5 Basic Website Errors You Must Lookout For in Your Website

29 Aug, 2019
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Website error? Ah!

There can be some glitches that a user may encounter while visiting a website which tend to increase the bounce rate for the website. Users will start leaving the website as soon as they experience a website error troubling their search efforts. And this is how you lose hopes from all the traffic diverted to your website.

While you might not be aware of the reasons behind the errors of your website, professional strategic online marketing services like that of SoftProdigy can help you know them better and fix them before further losses! Let’s have a closer look at these errors:

1. HTTP errors

Hitting a wall with an HTTP error is frustrating for a user who is in dire need of obtaining information. There are a few specific types of such errors that are:

(1) 401 (Unauthorized): This occurs when someone tries to access a page for which they are not authorized.

(2) 403 (Forbidden): This occurs when the server recognizes that the user may be logged in with a valid ID and password but doesn’t have the authorization.

(3) 404 (Not found): This occurs when you try to access a resource on a web server that doesn’t exist.

(4) 500 (Internal Server Error): This is a generic error message to depict internal server error that cannot be defined.

2. Long Metadata

The page title should not exceed 70 characters and if it does,  it will get cut off by most of the search engines and web browsers. It goes the same for Meta description as well. If it is above 155 characters, the characters above this count will be shown as “….” and this won’t look appealing to the readers.

3. Non-friendly URLs

URLs must not be ignored at any cost. A friendly URL can attract huge traffic whereas a non-friendly URL is hard to remember and drives less traffic to the site. This can push you back in terms of website traffic.

4. Expiring domain name

Your website needs to be active for SEO to return results to your website. Domain name registration has great importance and if that gets expired, it constitutes to be a major website error, which can make all your efforts go in vain.

5. Spelling errors

The quality of content that you put on your website must be taken very seriously. It’s time to get the spellings and grammatical errors corrected to create a positive image in the minds of the audience.

Get help!

If you have witnessed such errors on your website, it is time for you to switch to SoftProdigy. We shall start picking up these errors to be ultimately thrown out of your website. Avail our strategic internet marketing services and outgrow these errors. We have highly experienced WordPress programmers in India.

Make a call to us to make your website error-free.

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